When I saw a group picture i took part in recently, I wondered why is it that I always raise my head for pictures. That got me thinking back to the days of polaroid cameras on tripod stand, where the foto (photographer) would ask you to look up and into the lens of the camera for the bird that flies out of it (flash I suppose). Who remember that?

This gave me pause though. If something so mundane as taking pictures could have a long-term conditioning effect on me to the point that I revert to the posture each time my pictures are taken (even at almost 50 years of age), how much more those happenstance that had more serious impact on me? How many of these early conditioning do I sub-consciously revert to still?
What are my ‘quirks’?
Tongue chewing when in deep concentration?
Wiping under nose?

I know i act like a weirdo sometimes, but ‘my conditioning’ is not to be described in relation to the dog in Ivan Pavlov’s classical conditioning research or the rat in B.F. Skinner’s operant conditioning abeg
(I no trust my pipo, dem fit write am😁).

Kindly drop in the comment section any of my subconscious ‘mannerism’ you might know that I am not aware of and don’t forget to add yours for laughs.

Keep safe and live your life to the ‘fullest’.

it’s the only one you got!

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  • Ayo Iyun Reply

    I hated taking pictures uptill now because of the blatant lies of the photographers then. E wo eye.(look at the bird that is coming out of the lens of the camera).Anytime you see me frown in pictures that is the reason.

    September 29, 2021 at 8:23 pm

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