Avoidable Loss

Avoidable Loss

Hi Peeps,

Been a while. You know,  life happens. My post today is about avoidable wastage of lives, properties and livelihoods. Where a family man goes to bed a fulfilled businessman and wakes up to the surreal horror of having everything taken from him in a flash (literally). The ‘said’ man had a thriving business outside the country, but chose to return ‘home’ and establish a business. 

I am not a news buff,  so I didn’t get the news of the explosion that occurred overnight Wednesday/ Thursday last week until my husband called to ask if I had called my friend who he knew had a business in the vicinity of the reported blast. Surprisingly on the said thursday, I had tons to do and hadn’t gone online for trending news. Thereafter, I called all his numbers and it kept ringing without a response. That was a ‘red flag’ for me as this particular friend regularly pick calls and if he calls and you don’t pick his calls, be sure a lecture awaits. I kept calling him intermittently until he finally answered the call and what he said to me was ‘Titi, a dupe emi’ (Translated: Titi, we thank God for life). I was made to understand that a liquefied petroleum gas plant situated at the densely populated business/residential area exploded, engulfing the area, claiming lives and properties. The inferno was surreal, it was like watching a movie, not an actual event. I later gathered from the news that a tanker was discharging it’s content, but there was no light, so the generator was switched on to power the plant. The report further revealed that the gas being discharged must have been ignited from a spark from the generator.

My take though is that the losses could have been avoided people! I have had loved ones die in avoidable circumstances, but for the ‘Nigerian factor’.  We all need to look within and question the system abeg.

May God comfort those who lost loved ones and give succour to those who lost livelihoods.

As a songwriter wrote, I have asked myself and others this question over the years: ‘Which way Nigeria???’.

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