Loving genuinely

Loving genuinely

Finally, my Mentor, ‘Dad’, Pastor and ‘Sounding Board’ was laid to rest yesterday 4th September, 2020. One thing that struck me about each ‘notable person’ that reminisced about the man, now a legend, was his LOVE (fondness, tenderness, warmth, devotion) for everyone and his ‘GENUINENESS’ (authenticity). What his son #Pastor Lawrence said about his dad during the service of songs on thursday, that many could conduct great services, preach great sermons with signs and wonder, but not many could love like their dad was ‘on point’. That gave me pause and I knew for sure I seriously lack this ‘skill’. I mean, Revd. Mrs must have had the patience of a saint. Imagine your husband giving out the ‘expensive’ shoes someone got him for your wedding to someone else getting married because according to Revd.,’the other guy needed it for his wedding more than he did’. Meanwhile, he had no shoes to wear for his own upcoming wedding. He would give his last money out to someone that ‘needed it more’ all the time. Mehn, I would have shaken the house down. Not being mean but really??? What are we supposed to eat? Oxygen?
Another thing everyone I listened to and spoke with mentioned was his genuineness. Everyone said he was a ‘genuine’ man of God. That was his calling, what he did for a living, how he lived. He didn’t ‘try’ to be something or someone else. He was a man of integrity. To be candid, having one man as treasurer for about three or four organisations concurrently (including international organisations), with glowing commendations about him turning around the organisations’ finances, says a lot about the character of the said person.
But like I found myself uttering while watching as he was lowered into the grave, that was as far as we could ‘escort’ him. He finished his own part of the journey called ‘LIFE’. It is left for us to strive, not only to live well, but to end well. I listened to a book/ watch video (not sure) where the author’s mentor told him that those whose opinions he cared so much about would not cry at his funeral or even attend if it rains, so stop stressing about others’ opinions of you. Revd Oyor lived love and attracted same (Law of Attraction).
As for me, I am praying that God will teach me to love everyone, even the ones I would be tempted to ‘strangle’, So help me God! Secondly, I am going to be more ‘real’. Those that thought I was real has got something coming! I have always been frank (extremely so at times and not usually loved for it), but I will be as ‘genuine’ as I can be in a more ‘loving’ way. Which in essence means, take it or leave it. Take me as I am or walk. In conclusion, think love, speak love, live love and give love. Be true to God and yourself, then leave the rest. Things always have a way of working itself out when you do this.

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