In The Oven

In The Oven

I honestly didn’t have a clue months after she was conceived. A couple of months after our wedding, I started experiencing intermittent abdominal cramps, but it never once occurred to me I could be pregnant. I don’t really know why it didn’t though, I was married and it’s assumed newlyweds always count the months (Ha!). I was on a visi to my cousin, who happened to be a surgeon on an auspicious day, when i started having stomach cramps. My cousin noticed my discomfort and asked about it. He thereafter took me to a colleague of his for consultation. The said colleague asked series of questions and was astonished that the possibility of pregnancy didn’t cross my mind. (It made me wonder if it was a strange phenomenon).

I answered him that I couldn’t be pregnant as I had my monthly cycle the previous week. He suggested I take a blood test, and I felt like, ‘hey why not humour the guy?’ (Wonder why I am sometimes so sure of what i have no business being sure of). The test came out positive, which confirmed the pregnancy. I was dumbfounded, but equally elated. At the time, I was already four months pregnant, with no morning, afternoon or evening sickness throughout the pregnancy. I had a wonderful pregnancy with no stress whatsoever and didn’t put on any excess weight. In fact, I was so much in good shape that I wore the same dress I wore for my court wedding on the day of delivery!

Ayomide announced her arrival into the world while I was ‘jisting ‘with my brother-in-law beside the house on the morning of 18th January, 2007. I didn’t realize my water broke, I thought I had ‘pissed’ on myself (Oops!). I left for the hospital with my husband and his brother shortly after and was asked to change into an hospital gown when we got there. I got on a bed as instructed and was attended to by a nurse and a doctor. While waiting, I called my sister to inform my friend that my baby would share her birthday. After some time, the doctor checked how dilated I was, only to inform me that my baby was breached and couldn’t be born naturally, and I needed to have a caesarean surgery. I wasn’t alarmed, I just gave the ‘go-ahead’, expecting to be taken into surgery at once. To my surprise, I was kept waiting for over four hours after being given the information. The delivery period was quite interesting, I was given an epidural, so I didn’t feel any pain. And the surgeon was so friendly we chatted throughout the procedure. Joy unimaginable when I first heard my baby’s cry, my heart literally fluttered. When I laid eyes on her, I was overwhelmed. The feeling was indescribable. How did you feel when you held your baby for the first time?

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